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Many business owners think that doing the cleaning on their own can cut down their expenses. The truth is that they are actually losing a lot of money each time a customer backs out because of their dirty space, or employees use up their time to clean the office instead of doing the tasks they were hired to do. Hiring professional commercial cleaners is one of the best investments they could ever get for their business.

We can clean all areas of your commercial space, including the windows. We will remove all the dust, dirt, debris, trash, and clutter. We will make sure that we eliminate the potentially dangerous microorganisms, such as mold that may have lodged in the dark and moist areas of your building using eco-friendly cleaning products. We also offer office clean up and commercial construction clean up.

Book our office cleaning services, and we guarantee that we will make your commercial space look, feel, and smell fresh and clean. Let us make your building a safe place for your employees and customers. A clean workplace makes your workers healthy, happy, and more productive.
Get in touch with us today and take advantage of our affordable corporate cleaning solutions.

We Serve In

  • Bohemia
  • Smithtown
  • East Islip
  • Melville
  • Bay Shore
  • Hauppaugue


  • Control floor appearance by vacuuming and or sweeping.
  • Mop hard surface floors
  • Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cleared surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, furniture, and unobstructed work areas)
  • Sanitize telephones.
  • Empty and damp wipe ashtrays and waste receptacles.
  • Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates, light switches, glass partitions, counters and unobstructed work areas.
  • Sanitize and polish all water fountains.
  • Restrooms: Thoroughly clean and mop with a germicide. Clean mirrors, partitions, urinals, toilets and sinks using disinfectant/detergents. Refilling of soap and paper products will be performed with supplies furnished by your firm.
  • Remove soil on entrance doorframes, handles, glass and threshold.
  • Sweep surface of immediate exterior entry areas.
  • Leave offices and furniture in a neat orderly fashion.
  • Report any unusual occurrences, malfunctions or damages.

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